Greek Feta: Online Sale.

Greek Feta: Online Sale.

Greek feta directly from the Hellenic territory to your home with a rich and tasty recipe. 

Gretal Food Products: Online Store.

The online Gretal Store that allows direct purchase from the manufacturer of food products that represents the excellence of the Greek and Italian land, such as Greek Feta, Yogurt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, honey, porcini mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Pecorino, Italian cured meats, organic drinks and many other products. A new feature has been added to the Gretal Store.

Greek Feta: Online Sale. How and where to buy it.

Gretal is a company of high quality Italian and Greek food products that deals with the import of original and traditional Greek feta in Italy. Furthermore, our Gretal Store has the availability of a wide selection of different packages of Greek feta that we can ship every day to your home directly from our warehouses. Our Feta is produced in Greece and imported directly by us in our warehouses. Greek Feta has a maturity ranging from 7 to 10 months.

Greek Feta: Online Sale: What to know.

Italians and French often quarrel if, in the dish, brie and mozzarella are compared; camembert or gorgonzola.
Well … cheese, let’s face it, divides people. And not only Italy and France are competing for the title of “best cheesemakers” in the world now, in fact, even Greece proudly raises its head and states – in an article I caught in the Greek City Times – that Greek feta is the best cheese in the world … and it’s for a very simple reason: it’s the healthiest of all.


Here, therefore, also the goodness of Greek feta is absolutized through these 5 points:
Nutrients: Greek feta is rich in calcium and calcium – combined with vitamin D – it is particularly important for the well-being of the body. Furthermore, Greek feta contains the alpha-lactalbumin protein which, linked to calcium and zinc ions, can boast antibacterial and anti-tumor properties.

Greek Feta: Buy online. Benefits.

Bones: the calcium supply strengthens the bones and is particularly important for adolescents and children up to 20 years of age … the past grandmothers suffering from osteoporosis that, with the Greek feta, you can resist. Probiotics: feta is rich in probiotics, or bacteria that cover the intestine in favor of a good functioning lectern and good digestion. Intolerance: and here the thing is evident. Greek feta, which is made from sheep and goat milk, is a tactic for those who are intolerant to cow’s milk.

More to Know.

Immune system: rich in vitamin B Greek feta counteracts flu and colds. But it doesn’t stop there … feta contains tactical nutrients such as: calcium; vitamins B, B6 and B12; vitamin A; iron; phosphorus; zinc and trace elements such as selenium, magnesium, potassium and manganese.

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