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To change your password click here; you will receive an email from Gretal Food Products which will ask you to change your password quickly and easily. For more info visit the Help Center.

To view the status of your orders on Gretal Food Products, you need to access the private area at this link:

From your account dashboard you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses, and change your password and account details.

No, there is no minimum order on Gretal Food Products. You can also order just one pack of biscuits. The cost of shipping is always fixed and depends on the country you order from, so we recommend that you amortize the shipping costs by placing a larger order. For more information on costs and shipping methods, please consult this page.

To register on the site, a few small and simple steps are enough. Navigate to gretalfoodproducts.com and then click on the “My Account” icon. For your convenience, we’ll report the link here: My Account. We also remind you that you can register your account using your Facebook or Google credentials.

Following the payment, you will be redirected to an order confirmation page which will include the purchase summary. Subsequently, you will receive an email to your postal address with all the details of the order and confirmation of receipt. As soon as the package is shipped, we will also send you the tracking number via email so you can check the delivery status at any time.

Gretal FP is an online supermarket intended for both individuals and Italian delicatessens/bars/restaurants around the world, who come to us for the breadth of the range and convenient prices. The price list for business customers is lower than the public price list. For a cost simulation, apply a 5% discount on the prices on the site.


Here is an example:


Barilla Linguine Pasta 500gr €2.50 for the general public including VAT, €2.35 for business customers including VAT. The rate will also have to be deducted from this price because the operation is intra-EU.


For B2B orders, the following rules apply:


The minimum order is 400€

The order has no weight limit

The courier used for shipments can be UPS, DHL depending on the destination

Business customers need to have a valid VAT number. The shipping cost depends on the quantity and type of goods ordered, as well as the final destination of the order, and will be communicated to the customer before acceptance.

Here is the procedure for placing a B2B / HoReCa order on Gretal FP:

Register an account on Gretal FP or log in from this link

Insert the products in the cart, complete the information on the Checkout page (cash) also entering your email address.

Do not pay.

Send an email to info@gretalfoodproducts.com specifying:

The email address used for the order

The header of the invoice with the VAT number

The destination address

We will send a quote (order summary) for the supply of goods and shipping.

Following acceptance and following the sending of a proof of payment, the goods will be delivered according to the times communicated in the estimate phase.

Payment is made by bank transfer. The details of the account to which to make the transfer will be communicated in the estimate phase.

We advise you to try to refresh the page or change browser (we recommend using Firefox or Safari). If this does not solve the problem, please contact customer service for assistance using the button on the bottom left of this page. Please attach any screenshots of the payment page or error messages to help our technicians resolve the issue.

The right GEL FLEX® cold accumulator maintains the temperature between +2/+8°C for 72h, is washable and reusable. In addition, we add the special ISTA20 (International Safe Transit Association) certified isothermal cardboard to guarantee temperature maintenance, as well as thermal and shockproof protection. As for the gel, the cardboard is eco-sustainable: Made of kraft paper and fibre and 100% recycled paper. The products never come into contact with materials external to their production packaging, nor with the refrigerant, nor with the cardboard. In any case, all packaging components are certified for food contact.

The headquarters of Gretal Food Products is in Bulgaria, therefore the payment of the products is shown in the local currency i.e. BGN.

The payment methods with which it is possible to purchase are:

Visa / Visa Electron credit cards


American Express


In case you are purchasing using a card with a different currency, the conversion rate applied will depend on your payment method and will be communicated to you by your bank.

The transaction takes place on Paypal or Viva Wallet secure servers, among the safest for electronic commerce. To process payments we have chosen to rely on market leaders who have made security their strong point. We care.

Also, if you use your PayPal account you won’t even need to enter your credit card number.

It is possible to make payments on www.gretalfoodproducts.com using the most popular payment methods. We have chosen the most reliable and secure partners: Viva Wallet and Paypal. You can pay with:

Credit Card (Visa, Visa Electron, Postepay, Mastercard and American Express Amex)


Google Pay

Gretal FP, as Sender, will take care of reporting any inconvenience to the courier who is handling the shipment. Following a significant delay in delivery or other issues, you may request the carrier to investigate the status of your shipment. Investigations can take up to 8 working days before being completed. In the event that the courier finds the Parcel before the 8 days have elapsed, a new delivery date will be communicated to the recipient.

It is possible to make changes to an already confirmed order no later than six hours after the order confirmation.

To request the change, please contact us using the “Support” button at the bottom right of this page, specifying your order number and the products to add. Subsequently, one of our collaborators will send you a payment request for the added items. Once the payment has been made, the order will be processed according to the times communicated at the time of the order.


Let’s pull the courier’s ears! Gretal FP packs the products with the utmost care and experience by applying measures superior to the standards of protection of the goods (4 corrugated boxes and separate packaging by product nature). Despite this, it may happen that the couriers do not take the same care during the delivery.

We know how boring it is having to contest the damage to the courier by the recipient. Gretal FP takes care of this burden by facilitating the reimbursement of damaged or missing products as much as possible.



There is the possibility that some products were not available when the order was prepared or that, following damage caused by the courier, some products have been eliminated in order to still be able to make the delivery.

We invite you to send an email to info@gretalfoodproducts.com and list the damaged and/or missing products, attaching one or more photos (if they are damaged products). Subsequently, a collaborator will contact you to inform you of the outcome of the refund procedure on the basis of the General Conditions of Sale.

A friendly voice is ready to give you information and accept your requests from Monday to Friday 9:30-13:00/15:00-18:00 (GMT+2).


00359899159470 both by phone and by whatsapp

The customer service is free, it has no additional costs compared to your rate plan. We remind you that you can send us a request at any time through this page or by clicking on the button at the bottom right.