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Italian and Greek Food Products

Gretal is a leading company in the “Quality Food Groupage”, founded by the Giobbio family, experts and connoisseurs of the import and export logic of food products. For many years we have been involved in selecting and exporting throughout Europe food products for the catering sector, also managing the transport of temperature-controlled items.

Our Clients.

Our food products are of the highest quality and are the result of collaboration with industry-leading partners. Gretal has been supplying retail clients, wholesalers, retailers, horeca service and gourmet food shops for more than decades.

Gretal Food Products: Our Strategies.

This has been possible thanks to a direct network of collaborations with important Italian, Greek and international producers, who have identified in the Gretal an efficient partner to whom to entrust the distribution of their production at national and European level. In keeping with the mission, the company has always placed product quality and preservation of freshness at the center, ensuring the short supply chain.

Modern Business Strategies.

This has allowed the adoption of modern business strategies, based on the diversification of the service to meet the needs of a varied clientele.In the context of this diversification, the company arrived abroad creating a dedicated import and export department and a commercial network with major importers in Europe.

Logistics Office.

Gretal’s logistics office collects and controls all orders, preparing them for shipment. The whole process focuses on speed, precision and punctuality. Thanks, in fact, to a meticulous planning system and to the presence of attentive and motivated employees, orders are processed as quickly as possible. The extreme efficiency of this process therefore guarantees extremely rapid shipments of our food products throughout Europe.

The Main Trade Fairs of Italian and Greek Food Products.

Gretal Food Products will be present at the main trade fairs in its sector, where new products will be exhibited and useful information provided by sales experts. The focus on the food product that is developed both internationally and locally, allows us to present an extremely varied offer. Furthermore, during trade fairs, we will be happy to arrange personalized appointments with visitors.