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Gretal considers the quality of human resources a strategic element and a heritage of crucial importance for the development and success of its activity. It has set ambitious goals for the future: to continue to be a leader in the geographical area of reference and excel in customer service; for this it seeks people with enthusiasm, motivation, communication and leadership who can translate their project into reality. The selection generally develops through interviews with the Personnel Department. The dynamic and stimulating environment allows you to grow and develop your personal and professional skills; to these the company pays particular attention and enhances them through a training plan that starts from the moment the candidate is inserted.

We Require:

experienced people endowed with great cordiality, special and easy communication skills. The experience for the roles of Sales Manager will be binding.

We offer:

Support, possibility of growth. You can repeat this operation several times if you are interested in different offers. Even if there are no current offers, you can still volunteer to work with us. Alternatively send us an email to attaching your curriculum vitae. Both in the Association and in Franchising, the Gretal affiliation opens new horizons for your business.

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and, without any commitment on your part, you will see everything we have to offer. Linkedin Giobbio Angelo

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