San Marzano Tomato: Online Sale.

San Marzano Tomato: Online Sale.

San Marzano tomato directly from the Italian territory to your home. Discover many other products at our store 

San Marzano Italian Tomato: Gretal Food Products

The Gretal Online Store that allows the direct purchase from the manufacturer of food products that represent the excellences of the Greek and Italian land, such as Greek Feta, Yogurt, Extra virgin olive oil, honey, kalamata olives, buffalo mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Pecorino, Italian cured meats, SAN MARZANO TOMATO, organic drinks and many other products. A new feature has been added to the Gretal Store.


San Marzano Tomato: Online Sale. How and where to buy it.

Gretal is a company of high quality Italian and Greek food products that deals with the EXPORT of San Marzano tomatoes. In addition, our Gretal Store has the availability of a wide selection of San Marzano Tomatoes that we can ship every day to your home directly from our warehouses. Our San Marzano tomato is produced directly in Italy and distributed from our warehouses all over the world.

San Marzano Tomato: Online Sale

San Marzano D.O.P. was born in a well-defined territory that includes the Agro Sarnese-Nocerino and the Acerrano-Nolano, the Pompeiano-Stabiese area and part of the Montorese, for a total of 41 municipalities. Only in this well-defined area are the optimal conditions for the cultivation of its characteristic plant created. The Mediterranean climate and the soils made particularly fertile by volcanic residues, in fact, are essential elements for the perfect ripening of San Marzano and for the unique intensity of its flavor.

The best quality of italian tomatoes.

San Marzano tomatoes are known and appreciated all over the world not only for their unique taste but also for the numerous health benefits, just think that in America “San Marzano” is synonymous with tomato, and which boasts a large number of counterfeiting attempts. San Marzano D.O.P. di Solania are the symbol of authenticity and genuineness to be exported throughout Italy and around the world.

How do you recognize the real San Marzano tomato?

The characteristics that make the San Marzano tomato unique and distinguishable from all the others are very specific, even if they can be more or less pronounced in some biotypes. The shape is cylindrical and elongated, tending to pyramidal with a length from 60 to 80 mm. The color is bright red, the pulp is elastic, not very watery and almost seedless. On the outside it has a dimple and a very small peduncle. Finally, the flavor is typically sweet and sour, fresh and intense.


KIROS represents the reference cultivar for the production of San Marzano because it has three loggias and its characteristics make it particularly suitable for sauces that must be enhanced with long cooking (such as the famous Neapolitan ragù). The processed San Marzano DOP tomato must be packaged in glass or tinplate containers. These packages, then, must be strictly certified and numbered: for greater recognition, they must bear, in addition to the indications required by law, the PDO logo and the graphic logo of the Protection Consortium.

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