Italian Coffee Kenon Export

Italian Coffee Kenon Export

Italian Coffee Kenon. Export Gretal Food Bulgaria

Gretal Food Products and Kenon have joined in a partnership to export one of the best Italian coffees to Bulgaria.

The company began its prestigious history in 1892 in the Neapolitan territory, immediately specializing in the selection, roasting and sale of the best coffee origins.

Kenon Italian Coffee in Bulgaria.

Over the years, the business has grown rapidly from father to son, registering enormous successes in the production of excellent bar mixes until the birth, in 1962, of the Azienda Cafè Centro Brasil by Vittorio Wurzburger, which today is a modern and technological a productive and commercial reality capable of combining, thanks to its ultra-secular experience, the craftsmanship and quality of the products with the latest technological advances, actively participating in the development and construction of the machinery and systems used.


Gretal Food and Kenon Coffee. Partners

The philosophy of the company has always been the same, that of producing the best quality ARABICA coffee blends, with the aim of continuing the family tradition, maintaining very high quality standards, managing to supply coffee blends with a taste unmatched.

Kenon coffee

As simple as it may seem, it is quite complex and articulated, made up of many important steps that start even before the purchase of raw materials.

After a careful selection, the raw materials are purchased, which, once arrived, are analyzed by authorized laboratories.
Only after the favorable opinion, the fine batches of coffee are introduced into our warehouses where the roasting process takes place.

Italian Coffee Export.

At the end of roasting, the roasted coffee is collected in a cooling tank which strictly cools it with air. After that the coffee is sent to the very modern machines involved in the various processing stages. The controls carried out in this phase are mainly of the organoleptic type.

At the end of the seasoning, we proceed to the packaging phase, which takes place through an accurate packaging that ensures a longer life of the product, enhancing its taste, aroma and fragrance.
At all stages of processing, from roasting to packaging, the coffee is subjected to a strict quality control.

Kenon Italian Coffee “l’inimitabile”

The results obtained, the acknowledgments that continue to arrive from all over the world, honor us, make us feel proud and proud to feel ourselves ambassadors of the Neapolitan Espresso in the world even more if you think that in 2014 the quality center of Excellence Campane has chosen Kenon as the only coffee capable of enhancing the tradition of the world famous Neapolitan espresso coffee.

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