Smartpallet: Order Italian Food Products.

Smartpallet: Order Italian Food Products.

Smartpallet: We ship the best Italian food.

Smartpallet the best Italian and Greek food at your home or at your business. No need to buy large quantities. You can order from 100 kilos up to 490 kg.


Receive the best made in Italy products directly in your business, thanks to our revolutionary Smartpallet system! Compose your Smartpallet with only what you need, having the possibility to place an order with mixed products. In addition to this advantage, the Smartpallet will arrive directly in your company! Come and find out more about the Smartpallet world. Our Eshop does not allow you to compose the smart pallet but only through telephone assistance or via email.

Gretal Food Products.

Pasta, Oil, Flours, Sweets, Cheeses, Wines and many other Premium quality products

Gretal Food Products. Here you will find the best Italian and Greek food products online at low prices. Online sales and shipping available at low prices.

What is the Smartpallet.

The Smartpallet is a standard container for the shipment of goods, consisting of a Euro pallet and a sealable cardboard box of 90 cm in height. You can compose the contents of the Smartpallet freely according to your needs with the help of a graphic simulator that indicates the filling status of the box.

What are the advantages of the Smartpallet?

The Smartpallet allows you to take advantage of several advantages:

Buy from your home and get your order exactly where you need it.
Optimize purchases in terms of quantity and quality: you only buy what you want, with no minimum spending limits.
Avoid unnecessary warehouse stocks. Cyclically buy what you need.

How does the Smartpallet work?

The Smartpallet has a size of 800x600x144mm. The weight of the platform is 9.5kg. (Eur6) and the maximum weight is 490kg of food. You cannot make the purchase of products directly from the site but we will follow you for the composition by telephone assistance at 00359899159470 or by email