Gift box. Wooden Crates “Cantina Oro” with typical Italian Wine. 1X750ml.

Gift box. Wooden Crates “Cantina Oro” with typical Italian Wine. 1X750ml.

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Gift box. Wooden box with high quality typical Italian Wine.
“Cantina Oro”
(1 product in a wooden box with a total weight of 2 kg




Gift Box Wine


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Gift box. Wooden boxes “Cantina Oro” with typical Italian Wine.  Contain 1 Bottle.

Wooden boxes “Cantina Oro”. A package to taste the combination of high quality Italian wines. An exceptional encounter between Sicilian, Campania, Apulian grapes and Venetian bubbles. A gift with high quality wines selected throughout Italy to be sent all over the world. Products placed in a beautiful wooden box with our brand are the perfect gift.


1 Bottle of Prosecco Conegliano (750ml.) or
1 Bottle of Italian White,Red,Rosè Wine (750 ml.)

Descriptions and origins.

1 bottle of Prosecco Spumante Brut (750 ml.) Prosecco Brut Doc from the Conegliano company. (IT) or
1 bottle of Italian Wine (750 ml.) White, red or rosé wines come from the best wineries in southern Italy (IT)

Orders and delivery times.

The boxes if they are present in our warehouse are delivered immediately otherwise after receiving the order and payment we will notify you of the delivery date. The “Cantina Oro” wooden box can be shipped to all European Union countries. The introduction of alcohol into other countries outside the European Union must be checked at the time of shipment through our customer service.

Contents, material and weight of the box.

Box with box closure:
For 1 bott.  750ml
Internal measures: 34,2X10,6X10,6
Hinged closure and front methallic hook
(predisposition with internal mills for insertion of collar and bottom holders)
Weight: 0,680kg.

Products can change the packaging but not the origin. All our products are DOP, DOC with all the attached certifications.


Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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