Italian Salami: Online Sale.

Italian Salami: Online Sale.

Italian Salami directly from the Italian territory to your home. Buy online and discover other products at our store 

Italian Salami: Gretal Food Products

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Italian Salami: Online Sale. How and where to buy it.

Gretal is a high quality food product company that deals with the EXPORT of Italian Salami. Furthermore, our Gretal Store has the availability of a wide selection of Italian Salami that we can ship every day to your home directly from our warehouses. Our salami is produced directly in Italy and distributed from our warehouses all over the world.


Italian Salami: Online Sale. What to know.

Our cured meats are produced with the best cuts of pigs born and raised in ITALY: thigh, shoulder, lard, throat and pancetta all parts for a perfect balance between lean and fat. Coarse-grained as tradition dictates, with the addition of a little salt, the right spices and rigorously tied by hand. From this mixture different products are obtained through a delicate balance between the type of casing and the seasoning periods. Some smaller formats are intended to be consumed in a short period.

Italian Salami: Online Sale. Neapolitan.

The Neapolitan Salami (also called Salame Napoli) is, in reality, a production of the whole Campania, a salami very similar to the salami of Mugnano del Cardinale, including that of having been historically considered a commodity so valuable as to be given exchange of services highly professional and consumed on the occasion of holidays and anniversaries. This use made it a precious asset to which to devote many precautions, which were used in the past to keep the goodness and genuineness of the meat intact, and over time have become an integral part of the production, smoking and aging techniques handed down. from father to son.

The best quality of Italian Salami.

For the preparation of the Neapolitan salami, the meat and fat must be ground using a die with holes of 12-14 mm in diameter. The fat added to the dough cannot exceed 25% and the natural casing must be pork or veal. Processing and seasoning are carried out using traditional methods and drying and seasoning must take place in suitably ventilated rooms. During the drying phase, the Neapolitan salami is smoked. The minimum maturation period of the product, after smoking, varies according to the size and, in any case, is never less than 30 days.

Italian Salami: Online Sale. Milanese.

At one time the typical production was in Codogno; now it is produced in Brianza and throughout the Milan area. A typical production center is San Colombano al Lambro. In the Codogno area, a small amount of pig’s blood is sometimes added to the dough. The Milanese salami is one of the most famous Italian cured meats; it derives from a mixture of finely minced pork and “grain of rice” beef and stuffed into pork crespon or, given its large-scale production, now extended to the whole national territory, in synthetic casing. It is a product of considerable size, weighing 3-4 kg, simply flavored with salt and aromas, without exceeding.

The best quality of Italian Salami.

The seasoning is among the longest in the sector, in order to obtain a good compactness of the fat and lean part. It is very similar, both to the sight and to the taste, to the Hungarian salami, which however has a different doping, where a greater variety of spices enter. The color is always bright red, almost ruby ​​in its hue. The Milanese eat it naturally in the michetta, a typical Milanese bread. On Prosciutto Cotto Menatti it is carried out without the use and addition of polyphosphates, milk derivatives, sources of gluten and glutamate. Soft, sweet and velvety, when cut it is pink in color, with fat tending to white.

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Italian Salami: Online Sale.

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