Greek Food: Original and Typical Products | Online Shop

Greek Food: Original and Typical Products | Online Shop

Greek Food Products High Quality Online Store.  We ship to Italy and throughout Europe.

Gretal Food Products: Online Shop

Gretal the online store of high quality Greek food products directly from the manufacturing companies. You will find the best solutions and best offers of Feta, Greek Yogurt, Greek Cheeses, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Honey. Gretal sells Greek food products online through its shop The website includes more than 20 categories of high quality Greek foods and more than 300 products always available. The Greek food products that we present for sale in our online store are feta, Greek cheeses, Greek yogurt, Greek olives, Greek olive oil and honey.

Greek food products: Online Sale


The online Gretal Store allows you to purchase directly from the manufacturer of food products that represent the excellence of the Greek territory. The online sale of our Greek products gives you the opportunity to save compared to a normal supermarket and also guarantees you the freshness and an intact expiration date of Greek food products because they will be sent to your home directly by the manufacturer with a quick service delivery via our couriers.

Greek Food Products: How to Buy Online

The first step is to enter through each search engine by typing Gretal Food Products and access the “shop” session. At this point you will find two options, the first Greek Food Products and the Second Italian Food Products. This area will give you access to all sub-categories. With Gretal store you will have the possibility to choose more than 300 high quality Greek food products available with an intact expiration date because they are shipped directly from the manufacturers. Now you can choose any product and add to cart. Once you have chosen the Greek food products you want it is important to check the cart and that all products and quantities are correct.

Gretal Food Products: Contacts

The Gretal Store has a customer service available 24 hours a day. You can write us information at or reach us via the telephone service that you find directly on our site.