Burrata Pugliese: Buy The Best Quality | Online Shop

Burrata Pugliese: Buy The Best Quality | Online Shop

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Burrata Italiana Pugliese

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BURRATA PUGLIESE: How and where to buy it.

Gretal is a company of high quality food products that deals with the EXPORT of Burrata Pugliese. In addition, our Gretal Store has the availability of a wide selection of Cheeses that we can ship every day to your home directly from our warehouses. Our Apulian Burratas are produced directly in Italy and distributed from our warehouses all over the world.

What is Apulian burrata.

Burrata is the result of that southern inventiveness of reusing and not wasting anything, in a world where food was sacred and there was dignity even in misery. It is a casing of a soft caciocavallo paste that contains a heart of stracciatella, that is, stretched curd of mozzarella and cream. The idea probably arose from the need to reuse the residues of stretched curd that were left over from the processing of caciocavallo and mozzarella, and of the cream that was a by-product of dairy products. By combining the frays of mozzarella pasta with fresh cream, the so-called stracciatella is born. This soft heart was wrapped in a sheet of spun dough, modeled in the shape of caciocavallo.

Where the burrata is born and why it is called that.

Burrata is a typical Apulian dairy product, made in the 1920s in the Murgia of Bari. In those years, the master dairyman Lorenzo Bianchino Chieppa worked in a farm in the area of ​​Castel del Monte di Andria. At the time, manteca was already produced, another ancient dairy product, consisting of a casing of caciocavallo spun curd cheese, seasoned and filled with butter.

A bit of history.

Probably from the manteca, the idea of ​​replacing butter with stracciatella. Over the years, the burrata spread to various dairies in the area, and some kept it in asphodel leaves, a perennial plant, already sacred to the ancient Greeks. Today, to evoke this tradition, burrata is usually packaged in a leaf-shaped packaging. Why is it called burrata? Certainly not because it contains butter, but because of the “buttery” flavor.

Burrata: how to eat it.

Burrata can be eaten alone or paired with tomatoes and salad. When tasted, it presents the typical notes of milk and fresh cream. The smell is intense of milk and cream. The most persistent flavor is the sweet. The sour taste is also perceived, synonymous with freshness. The structure is elastic in the outer shell, while it is soft and creamy internally. You can also use burrata to flavor some dishes instead of cheese: think of a summer Mediterranean pasta topped with semi-dry datterini tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, frayed burrata and basil. Or paired with pasta and scampi or as a main course, paired with turnip greens and anchovies.

Burrata on a diet.

You may be wondering, but with all that cream, the burrata isn’t very fat? Of course, it is a calorie-rich cheese, but its consumption must always be compared within the daily calorie balance. Burrata is a “comfort food”, it represents the idea of ​​experiencing pleasure and satisfaction in eating, being pampered every now and then. It is clear that treating yourself to a burrata also means to counterbalance and give up something else: a snack, do not accompany it with other caloric food, preferring vegetables.

Burrata and Cholesterol.

Then, as already described in the post – “Everyone hates milk”, the fats and proteins of cheeses, together with calcium and the action of lactobacilli, form soaps in the intestine, that is, insoluble compounds excreted largely with I did. As it has been verified as in subjects who consume cheese, the values ​​of LDL, bad cholesterol, are lower than those who eat single components extracted from milk, such as butter, cream or milk proteins present in many prepared foods and bakery products.


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